Free Box Of Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters & Flakes (CA)

Get a free box of cereal! Every day a certain number of free coupons are available, and when they run out, 2$ off coupons will take their place. This uses websaver, so you’ll have to make an account with them for it to work. I highly recommend using websaver anyway if you’re interested in couponing in Canada. ^^


Selection Of Coffee Samples (US&CA)

Would you like to sample two of the coffee beverages pictured above? Well, get some then!

Tea Sample From TeaChef (US)

This is a wonderful little community that specializes in cooking with tea. Get a free sample of some tea, get a recipe from their site, and let them know how it went on their forum. Fun, right?

Free Mailed Coupons For Lactaid: Lactose-free Dairy Products (US)

Do dairy products disagree with your lactose intolerance? Well, debate no more as you can have coupons for lactose-free dairy products mailed to your house at no cost.

Free Sample Of Gevalia Coffee In K-Cup Format (US)

To get a free sample of Gevalia coffee just click one of the phrase’s from the right side of the page. Then do the same for an image and background. Then just click one of the blue (get sample) buttons then fill out the short form that comes up.