Free Box Of Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters & Flakes (CA)

Get a free box of cereal! Every day a certain number of free coupons are available, and when they run out, 2$ off coupons will take their place. This uses websaver, so you’ll have to make an account with them for it to work. I highly recommend using websaver anyway if you’re interested in couponing in Canada. ^^


Diaper Sample From The Honest Co. (US&CA)

Not 100% sure if they ship to Canada, so if you run into a problem, let me know, alright? Enjoy your eco/baby-friendly diapers.


Free Country Holiday Music From People Magazine

Do you celebrate Xmas? Love country music and free things? Absolutely. So have some free holiday cheer.

Spotify is now free for mobile


(Photo by Jason DeCrow/Spotify)

As an early adopter of Spotify, I wept about how horrible Spotify’s restrictions are when I found out that I can’t use it on my mobile device without the premium account. After the much awaited removal of this restriction, Spotify finally made a change.

Spotify finally removed this restriction, and offered it for free for all mobile users. Not only that, the playlist syncing that we all loved so much is also available for mobile, making music management as integrated as possible. Did I mention that the Radio and Discover feature is made available for the mobile for free too?

Of course, to say that it’s completely free is true, but it’s ad-supported like the free version of their desktop app. Ads will still be played after a certain period of time, but I’m sure that can be outweighed by how great the service is, right?

The features and exclusivity…

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Mentos (CA)

Do you enjoy having fresh breath and/or making soda bottles explode with enough force to put a bystander in a coma? Well then you should make use of this excellent buy one get one free coupon from Mentos!