Free Box Of Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters & Flakes (CA)

Get a free box of cereal! Every day a certain number of free coupons are available, and when they run out, 2$ off coupons will take their place. This uses websaver, so you’ll have to make an account with them for it to work. I highly recommend using websaver anyway if you’re interested in couponing in Canada. ^^


Free Oasis Juice At Couche Tard (QC)

You can get a FREE Oasis juice once a day every day with this printable coupon at Couche Tards in Quebec until January 7th. This is an AWESOME coupon and I highly recommend you print this out.

Free Mailed Coupons From P&G (CA)

If you’re interested in starting to coupon in Canada, this is the best place to start. They usually have a thin booklet in with your fliers, so check for it before you toss your fliers away. This online service lets you browse their current coupons, so you can technically get their coupons twice. (Three times in Quebec, since they have to print the flier coupons in French, too.) Once you select the coupons you want, they’ll be mailed to your house with no charge. Nice, right?