Free Box Of Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters & Flakes (CA)

Get a free box of cereal! Every day a certain number of free coupons are available, and when they run out, 2$ off coupons will take their place. This uses websaver, so you’ll have to make an account with them for it to work. I highly recommend using websaver anyway if you’re interested in couponing in Canada. ^^


Diaper Sample From The Honest Co. (US&CA)

Not 100% sure if they ship to Canada, so if you run into a problem, let me know, alright? Enjoy your eco/baby-friendly diapers.


Free Country Holiday Music From People Magazine

Do you celebrate Xmas? Love country music and free things? Absolutely. So have some free holiday cheer.

Free SchmartBoard Soldering Training Tool (US&CA)

Have you ever been interested in learning how to solder? Maybe you’re a pro and want to teach someone how to do it! Schmartboards are circuit boards you can use to learn/teach how to solder. Even a 10-year old with no experience can learn with it apparently. Get a free sample board right here!

Sample Of Prilosec Heartburn Relief (US)

Do you get heartburn? A lot? Sometimes? Well, you can get a free sample of prilosec to help you out with that.