Sample Of Nature’s Plus Animal Parade KidGreenz (US)

Excellent vitamins for young ones. Just follow the link and click on the “free samples” tab.
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Tea Sample From TeaChef (US)

This is a wonderful little community that specializes in cooking with tea. Get a free sample of some tea, get a recipe from their site, and let them know how it went on their forum. Fun, right?

Universal Muscle Supplements (US)

Wish you were He-Man? Try this sample and see if it helps you on your quest for epic muscles. Also try spinach, maybe?

Free Sample Of Seven Essentials Vitamins


Each of us are what we eat, and in this regard Seven Essentials will furnish perhaps the grandest difference one can experience in improved health. In less than six months of having Seven Essentials as a daily part of your life, you will feel so much younger, more filled with vitality, and primed for enjoying life. To begin this whole process, we want you to taste our super food called Seven Essentials!”